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ESG Program Strategy & Communications

How your business formulates and then communicates its Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) principles and results to its targeted audiences is critical to the success of your ESG program.

For 20 years, BrightLeaf has helped high-profile companies determine the right approach and tell their ESG stories as they have evolved their early Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs into financially rewarding ESG initiatives.

Your Triple Bottom Line

ESG initiatives shift profit-driven strategies solely from a traditional “bottom line” focus to include accountability for people and planet, sometimes referred to as the “triple bottom line.”

Supporting Communications

Our ESG team has deep experience in creating supporting corporate communications that highlight client accomplishments while providing an appropriate or required level of transparency into the challenges. Our ESG program advisory informs a strategic communications plan that outlines and coordinates all deliverables, providing effective coverage for the targeted audiences – from ESG, Impact, DEI and other reports to employee and investor communications.