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For 20 years, BrightLeaf has helped organizations navigate ESG challenges and tell their stories. 

Some clients are early entrants into the process, not yet sure what their ROI will look like. Others are high-profile organizations, evolving their programs into socially and financially rewarding ESG initiatives.

ESG Strategies: We help organizations, regardless of their place or pace, develop ESG strategies that not only demonstrate global citizenship but also support the operational and investment strategies that resonate with their stakeholders.

ESG Stories: We also help to effectively convey data and tell relevant ESG stories in a factual but compelling way – without greenwashing – ensuring adherence to the applicable, ever-evolving disclosure and rating frameworks.

We’ve enabled our clients to positively engage with investors, media and NGOs, attract and retain sought-after employees, foster goodwill and collaboration at home and around the globe, and earn international, national, and local awards. 

About BrightLeaf

BrightLeaf Group, Inc. is a strategic communications firm that has earned the trust of clients for 30 years. We specialize in helping organizations effectively engage and communicate with their customers, employees,
investors, the public, and other stakeholders. We serve global corporations, mid-sized businesses, government organizations, and foundations. We are a one-stop shop, with the knowledge, experience, creative resources, and technical capabilities to deliver successfully.

    BrightLeaf's ESG Advisors

    Our ESG team includes global-enterprise-level advisors who are highly experienced leaders in ESG implementation, strategy, reporting, and communications. Their mission is to help build our clients' internal ESG knowledge and capabilities. 

    • New to ESG? Our advisors train, coach, and collaborate with your executive team to build a customized ESG initiative and implement the reporting standards necessary to provide the credible, comparable information that today’s investors and other stakeholders expect. Our team also provides guidance on the reporting landscape, trends, regulatory developments, and major ESG reporting frameworks.
    • Established in ESG? Our advisors help to sharpen messaging and outreach to create additional opportunities and value while maintaining accuracy and transparency. We work closely with clients to  achieve competitive differentiation, increase equity investment, improve third-party scorecards, and bolster employee engagement,

    Why BrightLeaf?

    When we ask our clients why they choose to work with us, the primary reason is trust. Our reputation is founded on responsiveness, reliability, and deep expertise. Let us earn your trust today.

    For more information, please contact:

    Jane Scott, CEO
    T (512) 914-5929
    Main VM (512) 795-8900

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